4/19/2018, FAP

FAP Group grows

FAP Group has acquired two new senior project managers for its subsidiary FAP Finance GmbH

The full press release please read here.

3/28/2018, FAP

German Property Breakfast in London April 17th 2018

Curth-C. Flatow will be Panel Speaker on PIE German Property Breakfast in London.

More Details can be found here.

2/12/2018, FAP

FAP expands corporate structure following recent growth

FAP Group has completed a major expansion. To reflect ongoing growth and a focus on the “FAP” brand, Flatow AdvisoryPartners GmbH has been renamed FAP Finance GmbH. The FAP Finance and FAP Invest business divisions will operate under the corporate umbrella of the newly founded FAP Group.

For the full press release, please klick here.


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