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Among other issues, you will find the current mezzanine report.

6/1/2021, FAP


Hanno Kowalski said: „Germany’s mezzanine opportunity is growing“. For senior and senior-stretched loans, it is almost impossible to beat domestic banks’ pricing, due to their ability to refinance via the country’s Pfandbrief covered bond market. Please click here to read the …

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4/28/2021, FAP


Hanno Kowalski from FAP will participate as a panel speaker at the online roundtable REAL ESTATE DEPT on Juli 21st 2021. Click here to go to the Event Linkedin …

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4/21/2021, FAP


In purchasing the buildings in central locations, Switzerland’s BlueRock has invested a further 112 million euros in the German capital for its residential portfolio. Kim Jana Hesse, Head of Capital Partners for FAP, says: “We are delighted to have advised on another BlueRock …

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Debt Advisory

FAP analyses the criteria for a planned real estate investment or development and devises a tailor-made financing model.

This can include traditional debt capital, conceiving alternative financing solutions and proportional financing of equity capital. This allows us to evaluate all financing options to create the optimal structure for each requirement. The client benefits from a unique network of decision-makers from reliable national and international lenders and capital providers.

Following extensive preliminary research, we co-ordinate the entire process to secure the required financing. External specialists or transaction participants such as lawyers, tax consultants, asset managers and property managers are seamlessly integrated as interfaces into the entire process. This allows us to manage increasingly complex financing requirements and documentation professionally and more efficiently.

The outcome of our work is significant savings in time and effort as well as optimal overall conditions thanks to a structured market screening process. Why not contact us?

Capital Restructuring

Changing conditions during the term of an investment or achieving an investment objective can often require optimisation of an existing financing structure. This is true with ongoing financing, also with impending refinancing, where action is required to adapt to current market conditions.

Redeeming existing commitments and drawing up a new debt capital structure is just one of the areas where the FAP specialists provide a comprehensive and professional service.

Where there are current financing shortfalls, it is essential to analyse all options, including debt buy-back, the integration and impact of borrowed loans or equity replacement funds or the introduction of new equity capital. We evaluate all options as part of an ongoing process to resolve such shortfalls. We regard ourselves as innovators for our clients, familiar with all alternative forms of financing and are quite prepared to break completely new ground. A timely pro-active approach is vital for presenting the right solutions.

Equity Financing

The changed financing landscape is just one reason why equity capital is often the limiting factor for planned investments and projects. For property developments in particular, but also with portfolio financing, reduced debt leverages require a higher proportion of equity.

The available equity of the sponsor is frequently limited or is not to be exclusively invested in the project at hand. The involvement of alternative debt financing solutions or an equity partner can open up additional options and is often the difference in making a project feasible. This an area in which FAP has specialised since our formation and which is becoming increasingly important against a background of continually changing market conditions.

The FAP specialists are familiar with the various forms of participation and financing and are well-versed in implementing these individually. Clients gain access to a proven, ever-growing network of capital providers and lenders both from Germany and abroad. These include i.e. insurance companies, family offices, or mezzanine funds. Being familiar with the conditions and specifications of these investors through our day-to-day work means we are best-placed to advise on selecting the right partner and arranging the required capital in the appropriate form and in good time.


Lender Advisory

FAP advises national and international lenders and capital providers in developing business strategies, including entry into the German market.

With our many years of cross-sector experience in property finance, we can analyse the prospects of success and raise changes or suggestions for improvement based on the market conditions. Together with the lender, we will devise the optimal strategy and design a structured implementation.This can be built upon with our second service component of “acquisition and management”.

With a wide-reaching international network, we are well-placed to advise on the development of loan books, e.g. through the sale or purchase of credit portfolios.

The syndication of loan tranches to national and particularly international capital providers is one of the most highly sought-after services of FAP. This is founded upon our links with debt funds, international insurance companies and banks. Conversely, parties seeking credit exposure benefit from our access to appropriate tranches. For further details, please contact us.

Origination and Administration

Owing to our long-standing presence in the market, FAP is able to acquire target clients or appropriate deals via a structured process. Thanks to our market knowledge and extensive database, FAP is able to identify and close appropriate business for the investment / lending profile efficiently and in a targeted manner.

With our years of experience, we can analyse and prepare appropriate deals for credit applications. This relieves the finance provider of the time-consuming and costly acquisition process and sifting of the relevant deals. Ongoing monitoring of the instruction facilitates management of the portfolio.

We will be happy to discuss other options in a one-to-one discussion or provide you with an individual service proposal based upon your requirements.


Investment Consultancy Services
  • Targeted identification of properties based upon your acquisition profile
  • Verification and analysis of assets
  • Support throughout the selection process
  • Structuring of financing

FAP manages the search for appropriate properties. According 
to your acquisition profile, we identify potential investments and prepare the relevant information for your decision. In contrast with typical indiscriminate marketing processes, our long-standing relationships with property ownersand highly professional developers enable us tp do this early, discretely and directly.

Transaction Consultancy Services

Process Management and Brokerage

  • for investors in property
  • Structuring of financing
  • Global network
  • Direct access to decision-makers

Using our global network, we will manage the search for suitable investors for your project or portfolio discretely via our direct access to decision-makers. With our background knowledge of the capital strength and financing options of potential investors, we possess information that can make a deal for you.