October 2017

October 2016

October 2015

FAP Mezzanine Reports

The FAP Mezzanine Report creates transparency for the subordinated capital market for real estate and project developments in Germany for the first time .

In detail, it shows for each, the financing of existing property and project development, the following:

  • Sector coverage
  • Capital tranches available
  • Loan-to-value ratios and Maturities
  • Average interest rates
  • Equity contribution & security

In addition, the FAP report gives an insight into the segmentation of the subordinated debt market in general and its way of looking at itself.

The report is supplemented by a glossary, explaining related specific terms.


A preview of the report you may see here 
Chargeable, detailed version in IZ-Shop.


A preview of the report you may see here 
Chargeable, detailed version in IZ-Shop.de


A preview of the report you may see here 
Chargeable, detailed version in IZ-Shop.de

October 2016

FAP Special Report

The FAP Special Report creates transparency in the crowdinvesting market for German real estate for the first time.

In detail, it shows the development and current status of this emerging form of investment and highlights the key criteria of crowdinvestments.

To conclude, the report evaluates this form of financing within the market for subordinated capital and provides a perspective on the potential of crowdinvesting as an alternative source of financing for the German real estate market.

To read the complete report please click here.

For the press release please click here.